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Canyon Hills High School is Gearing Up for Your Students!

Hello Rattlers!

We are starting to gear up for the new year! Our new sign is going to go up and we will make sure to let you know when. We are just waiting on the city permit to install and ALL uniforms have been ordered and we have a walkthrough on Monday in the new building to go over any last minute things that need to be addressed! We are getting very excited for your students!

The students really need your support more now than ever. Maybe in the past you haven't participated, maybe you don't have the time, maybe you have something else scheduled, however the students need you to come out and show your support for them either physically or by donation. We need more teams than last year to participate in our biggest fundraiser of the year. Anyone over 21 can come! Alumni, friends of yours, you and your employees if you run a business.

****We as a school have been threatened in a variety of ways and what hurts the most is the threat that people will actively fight to not support their community high school and bring bad publicity to it as well. Some have even threatened to withdraw from the tournament. This is damaging to children/ students and we as a school community are going to rise above. We are strong and we have a strong support system and we need to show it. The students need to see there are adults behind them!***

We need you now! The students need you now! Please participate and not because you agree or don't with whats happening but because your money goes directly to students that live in your community and that is good for everyone.

Freshman Orientation Week! We still have time for you to sign up! This is always a packed event!

Packet Pick Up and Drop Off: All information will be mailed to you on July 30th!

However reserve the week of August 16 for these things!

More to come on this but don't stress..enjoy your summer!

Dr. Erica Renfree

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