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Happy Memorial Day! --and lots of 9-12 grade information!

Dear Q Community---

Only two full weeks left! WOW we are all going to make it! Working and having two toddlers and two teenagers in my house along with my husband working remotely and running Serra all while distance Learning is happening for all of them....if you are exhausted I am right there with you. If there is anything I can do to support you don't hesitate to reach out. We want to remember while we call this weekend a break it is for a really good reason. We want to thank all our family members and community members who serve or have served or are going to serve and the family who support them. I was a military child my entire life so I know its the whole family that make sacrifices. Thank you so much!

A few reminders and then the schedule to finally get your stuff!

Attendance is taken at 3PM Friday. If you email at 3:01 it doesn't count. Please remind your child to set a reminder for like 2pm so they make sure they get it in on time.


We have a hold harmless grading policy. That does NOT mean your grades can't fluctuate.....they absolutely can. However it will all be fine in the end. Lets run an example to illustrate:

Erica has a 80% B in Mr. ABC's class on March 13. For a final Semester Two grade she absolutely can not get less that an 80% B on the report card (harmless grading policy). Teacher ABC starts distance learning and start assigning work; Erica starts doing the work and her grade goes up and down up and down.

You think " I thought this was a hold harmless policy!!!!!!"--anxiety ensues

It is. Relax.

If you child's grade is fluctuating its because it should. We have not changed the way we grade at Serra. If we started excusing assignments or counting them not graded it confuses the computer and grades would be WAY inflated. Everyone would get an A. We have to keep a standard so we grade as we always do......

You are thinking now "Thats not what hold harmless means!"

Yes and No. At the end of the semester several things that could happen to determine the final grade:

  1. The grade ends up being lower than an 80...they still get an 80 no matter what! Teachers will override the grade at the end to an 80 percent. OR....

  2. The grade ends up being the same (or little lower or little higher) but your child did every assignment and really showed they committed to distance learning...teacher could override the grade and give you HIGHER than the 80! Maybe a higher B or B plus

  3. The grade at the end ends up being higher and you really tried and did everything...maybe you grade gets overridden to an A! It all depends.

My team is going to make sure that the grade on March 13 and the final Semester grade either match or is are going to be ok!!!!

Lastly....and I get this a lot. "What if my child already has all A's on March they are guaranteed all A's at the Semester...what incentive to they have to do anything.....

They don't. We can encourage responsibility, motivation, maturity and all of those things but I'll tell you what I have told so own teenager has a 4.0. Im not going to get in a war every single day over them doing work. I don't want school to become a negative situation for them. So I compromised with her, and ALL our lives are better for it! Also you know your child know what to give or take to get them to do the work you want them too. If you just don't have the stamina for the daily argument.....make sure they check in so they get marked here and do as Elsa from Frozen does.....Let it go! Save yourself! The teachers at Serra know they will along with every teacher in the nation have to do extra teaching next year. Hold harmless makes this scenario possible. We have no control over it!

Be honest, none of us look like her right now...we are all too stressed!!!!!! Quarantining is hard!

Now onto the good stuff!!!! Where is my stuff and how do I get it!

Serra High School

Week of Events May 25 – May 29 all locations start in the North/Staff Lot!

Senior Cap and Gown/Book Return (calculators)

Thursday, May 28

10am – 11:30am

Staff Parking Lot

School Staff Members are required to wear Face Coverings

No Parking will be permitted. All individuals will remain in the vehicle

Individuals not in a vehicle must maintain social distancing

Senior Celebration:

We are doing a Senior Celebration Video for you that will debut on June 9th on all Serra platforms and the SDUSD website. It is a huge undertaking and will take between now and then to film and get together and edit. We can't wait to show it to you!

Also we are talking with Seniors about some other possible in car celebration. when and if we decide on one we will get it out to you immediately. Many moving parts and we have to obey CDC guideline etc.

Physical Education and NJROTC

Locker Items Pickup

In order to maintain the safety of our staff and students, the following guidelines are to be followed to facilitate picking up personal items from Physical Education Locker Room and NJROTC Area

· School Staff Members are required to wear Face Coverings and Gloves at all times.

· Families in a vehicle or walking onto campus should also wear face coverings at all times.

· Individuals Entering into the locker room and building must wear a face covering.

· Social Distancing Guidelines must be followed at all times. Six feet of distance between individuals.

· All individuals upon entering and exiting the building will use hand sanitizer unless gloves are worn.

· Staff members must wash their hands when arriving and before leaving for the day.

Pick-up Area: North Parking/ Staff Lot

· Parking will not be allowed in the parking lot.

· Parents and Students will participate in a Drive-thru Pickup.

· Physical Education Students will be separated by Grade Level and by Last name of the alphabet

· NJROTC will be given a specific time and day.

· No individuals will exit their vehicle until they reach a specific marked location.

· The driver or passenger will be able to leave their vehicle to retrieve their items at the specific door.

· Individuals not in a vehicle must walk-up while maintaining social distancing.

· Walk-up will be marked at each door entry.

· Social groups will not be allowed.

Drop-off Time Schedule - Please follow the schedule to ensure social distancing takes place and the proper staff member is present to allow entry.

NJROTC Personal Item Pickup

Thursday, May 28

9am – 11am ROTC Cadets

Cadets must email Naval Science Instructor by Wednesday May 27

Physical Education Personal Locker Items Pickup

Wednesday, May 27 - 9th Grade Only 10am - 11am : Last Name A – H 11am – 12am: Last Name I – P 12am – 1pm: Last Name Q- Z Thursday, May 28 – 10th Grade Only 10am- 10:45am: Last Name A – H 10:45am - 11:30am: Last Name I – P 11:30am - 12:30pm: Last Name Q- Z

Friday, May 29 – 11th Grade Only

10am - 11am: Last Name A – L

11am- 12pm: Last Name M – Z

Mark it down and we will see you there! We appreciate your patience!

Dr. Erica Renfree



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