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Hot off the press....literally today!

Dear SHS Family,

Week 3 is in the books and we finally have a ton of end-of year information for all of you. This is an important blog...probably my most important all year. First though reminders!

Attendance is taken today at 3pm so your child needs to check in with all of their teachers if they have already NOT done so. If you get an attendance call, please check Powerschool and then reach out to the teacher. Attendance guidelines are in the student handbook.




PROM: Refunds signed and coming

Military Ball: Refunds signed and coming

Grad Nite: Contact

WELLNESS CENTER!--NEED SUPPORT? WE ARE HERE FOR FAMILIES AND STUDENTS! We now have a new webpage on the SHS website. Click here to see it!

Ok are you ready......

**********PLEASE READ IN ENTIRETY************* Summer School---yes we are still having it If you received a D or F in Fall 2019 :

“Summer School for 2020 will be taking place virtually using district-issued Chromebooks and Edgenuity online courses. Students will complete all work at home and will not be reporting to a school site. Counselors will automatically enroll any students who have an “F” on their transcript into summer school. A summer school online registration and opt-out form will be sent to all enrolled students on May 21st. Students will begin courses on Monday, June 22nd. Information for device distribution and online courses access will be sent later this month.

If your child previously requested to take a summer school at a school site, they will automatically be enrolled into an online course. If your child DID NOT request summer school and would now like the chance to remediate a “D” grade, please have them contact their counselor by May 20th.

If you have questions regarding summer school course offerings, please contact your child’s counselor.”


Class of 2020 Serra Leadership met with student leaders from every school site and SDUSD leadership. Their voices were heard and a set of guidelines was created and approved by the Board of Education. I received the guidelines today and talked with our student leadership today as well. This is what will be happening to close out the year.......thank you to Cooper, Issa, and Delaney for working so hard for the Class of 2020. Many more specifics will be coming by middle of next week in a "SPECIAL EDITION"; this is a HUGE undertaking and we want to get it right.

1. We are going to have a return schedule for everything students need to return in order to check out. Should be happening sometime between May 27-June 3. It will follow a similar protocol as the Athletic and ROTC return format that is happening next week (see below).

2. We will also be handing out items we need to give you as well; and the dates we will doing that are coming with details.

3. We will be creating a senior celebration to post on the SDUSD website on June 9th. It will include student speeches, staff goodbyes, and more!!!!! More specifics on this coming soon! and thanks again to our student leadership. It was all them!!!!

ATHLETIC AND ROTC UNIFORM RETURN!!!!!! We got information this morning and worked hard to get a plan under being told we have one week to complete! May 19-20.


Here is the newsletter link where we are updating regularly.

Our counselors are here to support you and can be contacted through our website. However we understand they play a vital role in giving information out. We have created a newsletter we will be updating every few days with new information. HERE IS THE NEW LINK:

Transcripts.  Any senior can make that request online on the Serra Counseling website or by clicking HERE

***Please read the top of the form about COVID-19 and the procedure before filling out the form.

Thank you so much for your support!

Dr. Erica Renfree, Principal



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