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Important Updates and Final Exams!

Hello Rattler Community,

We have had a busy week here at CHHS! It's been full of Athletic contests--great job, Rattler Athletes! We also had a course fair introducing courses we are offering so students have an idea what classes are about so when the choice card comes out they are ready. We are still having Saturday School--the link is below.

Does you child have tardies or unexcused absences that will prevent them from future events and activities or a student who may need tutoring? Saturday School is a way to make these up. TO SIGN UP CLICK THIS LINK:

We have a very busy week next week so I will start with the calendar as we have many half days and finals:

Monday: MLK Day--NO SCHOOL

Tuesday: SSC Meeting

Wednesday- Friday: FINALS--the schedule is as follows:

School DISMISSAL is 1:25 PM DAILY during Finals and we have late busses at the same time as well.

So every day students have 2 finals:

Wednesday: Period 0 (if you have it) -then-Periods 1 and 2

Thursday: Period 3 and Period 4

Friday: Period 5 and Period 6


Need Tutoring from a TEACHER? Here is the schedule: School-wide Tutoring Schedule!

The BIG Question:

After my Special Edition Blog a few days ago, we received a slew of really great questions and feedback. We want to be clear, we know you are doing the best you can and we appreciate it. The number 1 thing to remember is students need to wear a mask and wear it properly while at school. The district changed the parameters again last night---I'M SO SORRY!

Masks: What mask exactly does my student need to wear as some masks are hard to come by. SDUSD recommends but does not require N95 and KN94--however, a surgical mask is fine and a cloth mask will be ok.

Masks are a condition of enrollment. If you child refuses or engages in a passive dismissal of a request, you are going to get a phone call. We simply can not be mask police and we need everyone's compliance. In addition, please send your child with a mask; we have had to give out over 100 masks a day to students coming to school.

If your child is at a game or sporting event unmasked they will be told to leave immediately.

COVID protocol has changed--see below: (Any questions, email I want to be clear that sending your student COVID positive to school is actually against the law. There are consequences to a mass amount of other people when you do this. This is good until further notice. We know testing is taking a while to get back but you can not send your child to school in the interim--kids are getting sick.

COVID and Testing: New people testing--not UCSD--Primary Health

Weekly Covid Testing

  • Same day, same time, and same place - just a new company. We have transitioned to from UCSD to Responsive Lab Partners.

  • Those who have already completed consents with UCSD, should not have to complete a consent again.

  • For those new to testing and need to sign up, you can do so here:

  • Results will be sent via email/text through School Messenger.

  • No appointments are needed.

  • We will no longer have drive up testing and will only be testing staff and students at CHHS.

  • Ed Center Covid Testing

  • You can find hours, location, and complete the consent here:

  • New Contact Tracing Staff

  • You may be contacted by phone, text, or email.

  • Covid Guidelines

  • CDC has changed their guidelines, at this time our guidelines remain the same as they were before break.

  • Response Times

  • Typically we make contact within 12-24 hours of being notified of a positive case (to include close contacts). However, with the surge in cases it’s taking longer. General guidelines to follow until you are contacted:

  • If your student is positive keep them home.

  • If your student is a close contact and unvaccinated keep them home.

  • If your student is a close contact and is vaccinated but showing symptoms, keep them home.

  • If your student is ill (headache, fever, cough, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cough, muscle aches, lost of taste/smell etc), keep them home.


I have received many emails of parents who have decided to get the vaccine for their student and are asking how. Here is the information:

Also: Want to get rid of some stuff?

Looking to donate in 2022? The Serra Foundation is always looking for donations to benefit the academic and athletic departments.

All tax deductible donations can be made at:

Thank you!


We need to raise $10,000 to have a prom and currently they only have $1600. Yikes! So they are selling popcorn.

No pressure... but this popcorn is the BOMB and we get 50% back! 😇 The popcorn store is only open for 4 days and ends January 15, at 9 pm!



Here is the link:



We are having an uptick in issues in the bathrooms. We will not tolerate it. The other HS Principals are reporting the same thing so this isn't limited to CHHS. We had a meeting today and will be implementing a new plan to address this issue. We take this seriously; however, we are stronger in numbers...please let your children know if they see something they should report it anonymously. Also if your child is a frequent visitor visitor to the bathroom without a nurse's pass, or we suspect they may be in the bathroom attempting to vape, we will be exercising our right to go through backpacks. Also know many of our female students are concealing their vapes on body parts we are not allowed to search.

SWAG Store



Course selections will start at the end of January and will go through February so we can get started on master schedule for the following year.

FAFSA deadline is March 2, 2022, yet the sooner you submit your application the better chance you have of getting more financial aid. We work with UCSD CalSoap to host CalSoap Workshops to help students and parents complete their FAFSA. If you are interested in scheduling a one on one appointment please select a date:

  • For all things Class of 2025, click here to read our Newsletter, updated every FRIDAY!

  • Did you know the 9th grade Academy has a student handbook? Click here.

PEER TUTORING for the Class of 2025--but everyone is welcome!

Peer tutoring is now offered 5 days a week, before school, at lunch, and after school! Sign up or walk in. CHHS Juniors and Seniors can't wait to help you!

Link to sign up:


Do you have a Senior? Well CHHS has a Booster Club so you can stay up to date on things and events pertaining to them:

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school. As your student approaches senior year, through fundraising and donations, this group helps offset the cost and implement activities like grad-night, prom, senior luncheon, graduation venue, powder-puff, and more.

The Canyon Hills/Serra Parent Class Boosters is a parent organization that supports your student's graduating class with activities and events not typically sponsored by the school.


Password: Escondido Meeting ID: 693 398 4637

  • Bingo!!!! Coming soon in March 2022

Upcoming Fundraisers to support Senior Class 2022 ASB:






Dr. Erica Renfree

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