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Return to Learning and More!

Hello Community!

We had many forums this week on the name, mascot, and colors and are compiling data and deciding where to go from here as participation in the forums has dwindled considerably. We are going to take the rest of the summer to plan for the reopening and will pick this up again at the end of August for a few weeks hoping to get more student input at that time because school will be in session one way or another.

We have a few announcements so please read carefully.

  1. Return to Learning: Here is the most recent article on whether SDUSD will open. Please stay up to date on these and you can do so by simply googling the district and "reopening." This is very complicated and we are doing everything possible at Serra and district wide to attempt to make it happen. No option is off the table but details are still being waited on. I have done a lot of preliminary work like measuring classrooms and creating alternative schedule if needed but the district with experts needs to decide if it is even safe to return at all. I'll keep you updated in real time even if it means a SPECIAL EDITION on any given day.

Click here:

2. Freshman Bridge Class of 2024: We are doing a virtual bridge as we want to attempt to give you the same experience that we have done for all other classes since I started at Serra. I started this because I felt like before new students step foot on our campus they should get the opportunity to get to know staff and other students along with our campus. This has helped tremendously with the first day of school. While this will be online we will have lots on the menu for you and your child. It usually happens around the second week of August and as soon as we have the details we will send it out to you!

2. Senior/Class of 2021 Portraits: Senior Pictures are usually taken at Serra in the month of August. This will not be happening. We are working with Lifetouch to have them taken off site and preferably their office. As soon as we know I'll send details out to you.

3. Senior Class of 2020 Graduation: Here is a message:

Hello Serra Families, 

We recognize that during these unprecedented times the more information we can provide in a timely manner the more effectively your family can plan, so with that in mind we had to make a tough decision about the tentative in-person graduation scheduled for late July. Unfortunately, with the rise in Covid-19 cases in the last few weeks in San Diego, we will not be able to have an in-person ceremony with students and spectators in our stadiums. As a district, the safety of our students is always our top priority.

At Serra High School, our team worked hard to develop a video that included messages from our staff, students, and myself along with including things like some Senior Awards. I want to also extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked so thoughtfully to put that together so that we were able to again celebrate this amazing group of graduates.  In addition we had a ceremony to the best of our abilities during diploma pick-up with over 99% attendance which is more students than when we have it in person. This certainly is not the way we planned to conclude the year for the Class of 2020, but like all the obstacles students have faced this year, we are confident that they will overcome this set back as well. I know I have said it before, but it truly is my hope that you are able to find a sense of peace in this time of chaos, and also a new sense of purpose as we continue to write our story together. We really miss all of our students, but we will see each other again someday soon, that I promise!  Your names will stay on the wall in the library as a tribute to you and you will not be forgotten.

I will send out the link to the video again on Friday, July 17, at 12:00 noon, and post it on the Serra website, but let’s wait until 5:00pm to begin the show together! I would encourage all of our seniors to connect with friends via zoom or FaceTime to virtually connect with each other as we officially hold the class of 2020 graduation ceremony. We are so proud of our students! Continue to be a light for others as you head off to your next adventure. Never forget who you are and always stay true to your why!

Dr. Erica Renfree

Principal, "Serra" High School.



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