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School Reopening--Breathe!!! We got this!

Dear Amazing Serra Community--

If you have not heard, an announcement was made in the press about the reopening of public schools in SDUSD.

This is amazing news for our students.

If you missed the article here it is:

These are the points I need you to focus on:

  1. This date is a TARGET date.

  2. Vaccinations have to be completed for staff.

  3. What it will look like at this time is lacking in specifics.

I was in a emergency meeting and that is all the details I have for you. However, I do know the article also stated there would be an option to stay at home or attend. Again, what that looks like has no specifics.

Please be patient as we are over a month away. I promise when I have more details I will let you know.

I know you have all been so patient with COVID; I ask you stay that way a little longer so we get it right and safe for your children. You are the most amazing community in all of SDUSD and I know this will be great!

Very Excited,

Dr. Erica Renfree

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