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We have a ton of information for you and your families!!!!!!! We worked hard on this plan and we threw in some extra stuff just for Serra students!!!!! We miss you!

Class of 2020 End of Year Events

Hello, Class of 2020. Thank you all for your patience as we together navigate these uncharted waters. You have questions about the end of year senior events, and this email will answer most of them.

The following will be addressed in this email:

Cap and Gown Distribution & Book Return

Yearbook Distribution

Diploma Distribution

Senior Awards

June 9th Senior Celebration


Cap and Gown Distribution & Book Return

The first day we have scheduled is this Friday 5/22. We are aware this falls on Memorial Day weekend, but it was the first day that Jostens had available, and we wanted to get the caps and gowns in the hands of our graduates ASAP. If you’re not able to make it on 5/22 another date will be scheduled down the road. Please see below for distribution and book return procedures

***All staff, students, and parents are required to practice physical distancing while on campus. Please remain in your vehicle at all times. Face coverings are required.

Yearbook Distribution

It is going to happen, but we don’t know when yet. The yearbook advisor is working with the publisher the get the books here ASAP. Our goal is to get them into the hands of the seniors sooner than later. When we get the distribution date, we will let you know.

Diploma Distribution

Diploma Distribution will happen on June 9th. Stay tuned to the Principal’s blog for more information on what time this will happen and what it will look like.

Senior Awards

The Class of 2020 is a VERY ACCOMPLISHED bunch, and no virus is going to prevent us from recognizing them. On June 3rd at 6PM our Senior Awards Ceremony will be broadcast on YouTube. Please keep an eye on your inboxes as counselors will be reaching out to you to gather information about your student’s accomplishments.

June 9th Senior Celebration Video

Serra High School students outlined how they would like the class of 2020 celebration to look. This will be in video format and will have the following components.

Senior Shoutouts

If a senior would like to give a positive shoutout of a favorite memory to be included in the video, they can fill out THIS FORM and submit it.

  • All shout outs must be appropriate, positive, and understandable to the screeners. This means, if a student uses a word or phrase that we don’t understand, it will not be in the video.

  • The video must not exceed 30 seconds

  • All imagery must be school appropriate and positive. This includes clothing and backgrounds.

  • Videos should be recorded in landscape format. If you are using your phone, this means that your phone should be turned on its side not straight up and down while recording.

  • Videos must be submitted using THIS FORM no later than this Friday 5/22/20

Staff Goodbyes

Like the senior shoutouts, the staff will have an opportunity to record a similar video, sending a message to their students.

Senior Slide Show

We want to celebrate what is coming next in the life of your Senior. Please complete THIS FORM by this Friday 5/22/20, to be part of the Senior Slide Show


Every student in the class of 2020 deserves to have that celebrated right of passage that many of us experienced when we transitioned from high school to the next step in becoming an adult. COVID-19 has required us to reimagine graduation. Our district has been working closely with stakeholder groups (including students from the class of 2020) to develop a safe and equitable celebration and graduation for all students. Below is the product of this collaborative work.

Students and staff want to prioritize some version of an “in-person” graduation ceremony. They have determined that this cannot happen in June for health and safety concerns. The hope is that we will be able to have a limited version of our traditional graduation sometime in July. You may have seen other school districts doing drive through graduations. Ours could look like that. However, an in-person July graduation is completely dependent on what city and county health officials have to say about the spread of COVID-19. If an in-person graduation ceremony is not possible in July, then a virtual graduation ceremony will be held in its place.

We miss you, we have not forgotten about you, and you will not be forgotten when this is all over.....

Dr. Erica Renfree



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