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Special Edition: Thank You!!!

******My normal Friday Blog will be coming out tomorrow with all things SHS*********

WOW SHS Community--

Thank you for your amazing work this week. We had zero issues with obeying the policies and procedures and all the students were super happy to be on campus and the teachers are reenergized!!!!

From the bottom of my heart I couldn't be more proud.

Every day, every single period, I have gone into each class and counted the number of students returning all week. Then SHS did some measuring and creative thinking about the possibility of moving to a 4 day model.

Instead of coming only two days students would attend 4 and the schedule would be the same with classes starting at 8:45 and school ending at 12:45. Our goal has always been to move to a 4 day if we could and your amazing partnership in that has made this possible.

Due to COVID and guidelines, SHS is now what we consider into STABLE GROUPINGS.

What that means is that we are not allowing anymore student to come in person if they have not been here this week.

Its impossible to contact trace if we start introducing new students whenever we want....not only that it is unsafe.

We will spend next week PREPARING for a 4 day a week opening starting April 26, 2021.

Next week with the two day model we will be working overtime to get ready for 4 days on April 26th.

Thank you so much!!!! We are so excited!

Dr. Renfree

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