• Dr. Renfree

SPECIAL EDITION---Top of the Class

Dear Amazing Serra Community,

We have great news....and I think we all could use it. While we find ourselves in this weird situation we want to acknowledge the top of the class for Serra High School. This is no easy feat and they were each called by me this evening and the news was shared with them and their families. Today is a great day for Serra. They are:

Valedictorians---YES! We have two this year! with a 4.78 GPA for both!

Moore, Garrett Tyler. AND. To, Minh Phu

Salutatorian: He worked just as hard! with a 4.76 GPA

Tran, Bryan The-Vinh

Please if you know them you congratulate them and all of their hard work. While we have no details as of now about a ceremony Serra is ordering a full program and diploma covers and everything we would have anyways regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. I hope in the coming weeks we will know more about graduation and hopefully it will be a plan that put us all together again.

Dr. Erica Renfree



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