• Dr. Renfree

TECHNOLOGY SURVEY--must fill out

Dear Serra Families---

We need you help. We only have 890 surveys out of 1326. We need 100 percent participation.

The survey was VERY helpful in giving us a ballpark of the need, but I know things are constantly changing at home. I really need you to respond to the survey (whether it's a yes or a no) for all of your Serra students so I know you’re aware of the option.  I will be getting my staff to call anyone who does not respond starting next week. So answering the survey helps me by limiting an extensive call list (thank you!).  However, you can pick up the Chromebook even if you said you didn’t need one on the survey; you wont be turned away.  So if you’ve responded at least once, you are good to go.  If you haven't responded, the following link will let me know that you're aware of the option to get your technology needs satisfied. Please respond as soon as you can:

Thank you,

Dr. Renfree



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