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The Last Full Week of School

Dear Q Community---

Only one full week left! If you need to reach out to your teacher; now is the time to do so. We were extremely busy this week organizing pick ups for all sorts of things. We have had a better turnout for these items then when were were at school! Keep up the good work Q's!

We also were putting the finishing touches on some Class of 2020 stuff. Grades are going to be due on June 4th for Seniors and June 10th for everyone else. If you read my last blog, you saw how I explained that grades can actually fluctuate. If you don't remember go back and use that post as a reference.


Here are the days for your child --based on their grade level-- for returns.....

Monday June 8: 11th graders

Tuesday June 9: Senior Celebration--see below

Wednesday June 10: 10th graders

Thursday June 11: 9th graders

More details on returns for grades 9-11 coming in a mid-week edition on Wednesday.

June 9th Diploma Distribution and Senior Celebration

First off we want to thank all of you for your continued patience as we navigate these uncharted waters. June 9th is not graduation. We are very much hoping that we will be able to have some kind of in-person graduation during the summer. As soon as we find out more about this possibility, we will let you know.

What is happening on June 9th?

Arrival Schedule and Car Decor

Diploma Distribution

Academic Distinction Distribution

Chrome Book / Hot Spot Return

Book & Calculator Return

Cap and Gown Photo Opportunity

Cap and Gown Rental Return

Personal Items Left in Classrooms

Arrival Schedule

1. Where?

  1. Drive-up (PREFERRED)

  2. The Staff Parking Lot (AKA North Parking Lot)

2. When?

  1. Last names A through I (10am - 11am)

  2. Last names J through R (11am - 12pm)

  3. Last names S through Z (12pm - 1pm)

When you get the staff parking lot, PLEASE DO NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE. All staff, students, and parents are required to practice physical distancing while on campus. Please remain in your vehicle at all times. Face coverings are required.

Car Decor We encourage you to decorate your car in celebration of the end of your senior year. We’ll have a photographer on-site, and a picture of your decorated car may end up in a graduation video down the road.

Diploma Distribution (Must have a photo ID)

As we said, this isn’t graduation. But, we recognize that many families would like to have the diplomas on the 9th, for photo opportunities, etc… If we are able to have an in-person commencement in the summer, we’ll ask you to bing these diplomas with you.

**You must have a PHOTO ID to receive a diploma**

Academic Distinction Distribution

3.5 GPA and above - Brown and Gold Chord

4.0 GPA and above - Gold Sash

CSF - Gold Chord

Salutatorian - Gold Sash and Custom Medal

Valedictorian - Gold Sash and Custom Medal

** Students may keep these**

Chrome Book Return / Hot Spot

  • If you have a chrome book and/or hot spot, you must return it in order to receive your diploma or academic distinction.

  • Please write your name and student ID number on a piece of paper, and tape it to the top of the Chrome Book and/or hot spot.

Book & Calculator Return

Bring any books, calculators, or school property you may still have.

Cap and Gown Photo Opportunity

We want to give students an opportunity to have their picture taken in the cap, gown, and any academic distinction they may have. When you drive to school.

  • Make sure you take your gown out of the package ahead of time and hang it up. This will get the wrinkles out.

  • Put on your cap and gown BEFORE you leave the house.

  • When you get to the teacher parking lot, DO NOT EXIT YOUR VEHICLE until a staff member indicates you may. We will give you directions on where to go for your picture and returns.

Cap and Gown Rental Return

If you rented your cap and gown, we need to collect those from you after you take your photo. When and if we have an in-person graduation, we will return these to you for the purposes of the commencement ceremony.

Personal Items Left in Classrooms

Does your student need to get their personal property out of a classroom? If so, please complete the form below. Please note, this shouldn't be to pick up general/disposable items, like pens and paper. Please limit this to necessary items such as glasses, headphones, technology, etc. Any items that you choose not to pick up will be donated to the teacher/classroom.

Click HERE for the Form

Thank you so much.

Dr. Erica Renfree



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