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Updates, Senior Photos, SATs and More

Dear Serra Community,

I hope everyone is safe and healthy after another week in this pandemic.

I wanted to give you some information that has occurred in the last week to keep you up to date. Please review the list from last week I gave you (below) and the updates in red and please read the entire blog as there is a lot of information after the updates on the list.

  1. Finishing the master schedule as if school was reopening; only after that can it be manipulated for flexibility. We are lucky in that we are way ahead of schedule so this is one hoop we don't need to cross. We have completed this and are awaiting word on number 2.

  2. Waiting for guidelines based on negotiations with labor unions. These are what we call "marching orders" or the guidelines we can work from. It doesn't just mean the teacher's union; it means all unions and there are a lot of them from transportation, classified staff, custodial, para educators...and the list goes on. I believe I will have these agreement by next Friday....fingers crossed. This still is not complete. I wish it was. Im hoping next week; and I apologize as this part of the equation is completely out of my control.

  3. Start scheduling meetings with the Serra cluster of school principals to devise a schedule of meetings and also forums with parents and stakeholders. We can't do this alone and we will need you as partners! More on this to come. As soon as number 2 happens I can do this.

  4. Athletics--this is very complicated piece of the puzzle and I'll be working on Monday on this specific issue with CIF and have a solid guideline(s) to work under and will communicate it to you next Friday unless I do a special edition.


5. Starting to revise our Distance Learning Handbook to reflect our new situation. We have started this. Our handbook we created went district wide for high schools! We are very proud of it and will make it even better this time around. If you have suggestions for it email me at

6. Starting to put together a weekly schedule of what I will be doing and what I would like you to do so you don't miss a thing such as a survey, or getting your shots, or anything leading up to the launch of school on August 31st. I want to make sure you are ready as well. Nothing to report here yet.

7. Working on freshman bridge program and possibly extending that to all grade levels for social emotional reasons! Students need a morale boost and to interact with one another! Please reserve August 10-14th for this. I will have a solidified schedule to you next week and we will be doing ALL grades!!!!!! Each "Class of" will be one day that week and freshman may be two.

Name, Mascot, Color Change

Since we are not returning to school right away and with the new direction from Athletics we have decided we will be having forums the same week as bridge (August 10-14) for all students, staff, and parents. For students this will occur DURING their bridge. Parents and staff will be after. More on this to come. Then the idea is you will get information on how to access the ballot during packet pick up and it will close after packet drop off. It will be in Spanish and English and this is the best way we can make sure it reaches as many people as possible as packet pick up is a requirement. Stay tuned!


Im getting a lot of questions around SATs. CollegeBoard has told us they want us to still administer them but we have not received the clearance from the higher ups. Im hoping the first week of August we will have an update. So please plan on still taking them if you are interested.

Senior Photos/ Class of 2020:

Many of you in the class of 2020 have asked about getting a proof of the photograph that was taken by the photographer Mike Salazar. He started calling those of you that already ordered pictures this past week. However if you would like a proof to see if you want to buy it you absolutely can. Please call or text him at 858-947-8450.

Class of 2021:

I will have updates on these photos this week.

Emergency Rental Assistance:

If you need support during this time in order to stay in your home and you rent there are options!

Click here and its in Spanish and English:


Dr. Erica Renfree

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