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We are Ready! Welcome Back CHHS!

Hello Rattler Nation!

We have been hard at work this week preparing for the new school year. The campus has an amazing positive feel and we look forward to welcoming you on Monday.

Please make sure you read this blog every week to stay up to date on all things on campus. Your child can also join online platforms to get student information. They are:

Instagram: @chhsrattlers

Tik Tok: Coming soon

Cell Phone Culture on Campus--We are committed to providing you with the best education possible we need your support!

In order to best serve your students and their education, the staff at CHHS has committed to a no cell phone use in class policy. This policy is in place so that students build each other up as a learning community and prevent issues that may arise from their use: airdropping pictures, bullying, taunting, and opting out of their learning.

BOTH Middle Schools have a zero cell phone policy, so most students are aware and are used to this.

Cell Phones can be used during passing and at lunch. If you need to speak to your child, please wait until the appropriate time.

Please also speak to your child about this, as we will be starting strong in the first two weeks to build a more collaborative community better. Distance Learning has caused a considerable uptick in negative experiences for students on campus due to phones, including not participating in their education.

Please also know that should a staff member not adhere to the commitment the staff made, you reach out to your child's AP so we can follow up.

Thanks! the CHHS Staff

Parent Nights:

We have already calendared the Opening Parent Nights. Please mark your calendars and it is also on the CHHS calendar.

9th & 10th grade parent night 9/20 @ 6:00 pm 11th & 12th grade parent night 9/21 @ 6:00pm Grade-level Classroom presentations for students are on the following dates: 9/12-9/16ALL-DAY

ASB: Associated Student Body!

We want to introduce our ASB President Mia Clark who is already working hard to provide an excellent experience for your students.

Welcome Back Canyon Hills parents; this is the ASB president speaking!

I hope you all enjoyed your summer with your families. My name is Mia Clark. I am a senior who dances and plays field hockey, and I am also just one member of an entire ASB class that is beyond excited to serve our student body this year.

Our team has worked hard throughout the summer to plan a warm welcome for our students. In just the first week, we will be holding a pep rally and a Movie Night on Friday, September 2nd. We will be showing Spider-Man Homecoming in front of the 1000 building at 7:45 pm, free of charge. Sports and clubs will sell drinks and snacks, and we encourage you to bring chairs and blankets.

With that said, ASB is pumped to kick off the school strong and keep pushing for new events and possibilities throughout the year.

Thank You, Mia Clark

During the first week of school, your students will be engaged in building their classroom communities and attend a pep rally on Friday. Each day they will also watch a video on a topic provided by several key figures on campus so they can get pertinent information and also put a face to a name. Monday they will view me welcoming them back to school. Other topics will include community, safety, and social-emotional health. Those videos will also be posted in the next blog for you to review and discuss with your child.

9th Grade Academy!

Hello, Class of 2025! We are so excited to have you here at Canyon Hills High School. Did you know that the Class of 2025 has its own newsletter? Do you know the 9th grade has an Academy this year? When you have a moment, please check out the newsletter (linked below) to learn about it! We are looking forward to getting to know each and every one of our students and their families as we begin this new school year. Welcome to CHHS!

Ms. Elizabeth Ward, Vice Principal, Class of 2025, and the CHHS Admin team and Staff.

Make-Up Picture Day and SENIOR PORTRAITS

Makeup (for student IDs and staff photographs is THURSDAY SEP 9, and WEDNESDAY, SEP 21. Photos will be taken in the alumni room all day.

Senior Portrait Days will be TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, SEP 27, 28, and 29 on campus in the alumni room from 3-9 pm. We have two more days on NOV 16 and 17, but those days are only if we cannot get most of the seniors done in September.

Parent Portal--Closed until August 28th

A HUGE thank you to parents trying to access the parent portal and updating your information....this is extremely important. However, the district has put the parent portal on pause-- it will be activated the weekend of August 28th. This will not impact your student’s ability to attend orientation or get their schedule. I appreciate your patience.

Want to Kick Off This Year, Right? There are two ways to do this

Movie Night:

We will be showing Spider-Man Homecoming in front of the 1000 building at 7:45 pm, free of charge. Sports and clubs will sell drinks and snacks, and we encourage you to bring chairs and blankets.

Football Game Away: Sweetwater High School at 6:30. Please bring your spirit and cheer them on at Sweetwater High.

Want to help us keep CHHS a fantastic place to be? There are three ways for you AND your student! Nominations are being taken now.


1. Foundation: Parent Group focused on fundraising for our students! Even if you can't donate your time you can donate by joining as a member. Click here:

2. School Site Council (SSC): This group determines how money in Title 1 and LCFF are spent (money for things that support ALL students). In addition, they have other responsibilities as well. We need three parents and two students. Email Nicholas Willis at if you or your student is interested. If you are on another committee we politely ask that you allow others to be able to participate.

2. Governance: This group discusses and gives advice to the Principal on instructional issues and policies on campus. We are looking for three parents and two students. Email Elizabeth Ward at if interested. If you are on another committee we politely ask that you allow others to be able to participate.

First Day: AUGUST 29th 2022!

New Phone Number: 619-605-8100.

First Day Procedures:

1. Students can show up to the SOUTH LOT and park--- closest to Santo Rd and TS Blvd--(NORTH LOT is for STAFF) OR be dropped in the front of the school and/or drop across the street in Portofino. Busses drop students in NORTH LOT.

2. Students will enter school and see boards with their STUDENT ID number and your student's Period 1 course. Students will report to Period 1 and get their paper schedule with their classes for the rest of the day. The schedule will be in PowerSchool on the evening of August 28th.

3. We will have adults all over campus ready to help students find rooms for the entire day and the next day; maybe longer.

4. All schedule changes are done electronically! Students and parents do not wait in a long line for hours. Schedules are only changed for glaring errors such as if a student has two math classes or a course they already took. Counselors have reviewed transcripts and scheduled them in the courses they need to graduate. Students with an error will follow the schedule given on day one until their schedule can be corrected which is usually finished within a day or two but is based on the highest need. Here is the link:

COVID Procedures:

Masks are recommended but not required at this time. Updates are constantly changing and we will keep you updated.

CHHS Bell Schedule and Important Dates: Canyon Hills has the same schedule every single day to provide consistency for families except on the final exam days. NEW: there is a once a month short day--see below with schedule. Please mark these down and we will remind you. Teachers will be engaging in Professional Development to serve their students better. Period 0 is for very few students so most start at 8:45.

Minimum Days and Schedules:

Principal's Coffee: What is this? This is an hour and a half with my whole team, including me, where we talk monthly about all things CHHS, and then we stay and answer any questions, rumors, concerns, anxiety, or celebrations you have! We are here for you! Mark your calendars! This meeting is for currently attending students' parents only, please.

The link is located on the school calendar and we will see you then!


Counselors are here to help you! Your students ask to see their counselor by going to the CHHS website and clicking on the "Counseling Tab"-then, they click on their counselor to fill out the form. Counselors will then call them to the office. The days when I was in high school you went to the Counseling Office and waited around. This is much more streamlined today. However, in emergencies, you ABSOLUTELY can just come on in. Want to pop in and ask a question during the passing period...of course! Here's what the page looks like:

Athletic: ALL ATHLETIC INFORMATION--PLEASE GO TO All athletic packets can be uploaded and handed in this way. You do not need to come in and drop them off.

Athletics is a very complex program. It's like running a whole separate school. While I can highlight a few things here, you must check that website daily and reach out to the proper coaches. This blog highlights sporting events with pictures and celebrations but doesn't get into the operations of athletics. Please bookmark that site so you have it. CHHS has one of the largest programs in the county and state.

Need to contact your child's coach? Here is the link with their contact information:


Canyon Hills promotes all methods of transportation to school. However, to promote the safety of all, we have a culture and climate where all of those items are locked up during the day. Teachers do not house them in classrooms because we have several bike racks, a skateboard, and a scooter rack. The bike rack is located by the 700 and 800 buildings and the skateboard and scooter rack is in the 200 building. If your child brings these items to school, they are expected to lock them up in the proper place. Please speak to your child about the expectation and provide them with a lock.

Should a power struggle occur, your child's item will be taken and it will be on them to come home and tell you why they don't have it, and the parent or guardian is responsible for picking up the item. Thank you for being so supportive on this issue.

We can't wait to see you!

Dr. Erica Renfree

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